Volunteer Agreement

Volunteer Agreement

Please read then complete the form below to enter into a volunteering agreement with PBB.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your PBB contact or our helpline on 1300 853437.

This agreement

  • All references to ‘PBB’ hereafter refer to Parents Beyond Breakup; all such references cover PBB’s frontline services including but not limited to Dads in Distress, DIDs, Mums in Distress, MIDs, Virtual Verandah and PBB+.

  • This is an agreement between PBB and you as the volunteer. It is version 1.5 and is dated and covers the period, 19th May 2020 onward. 

  • By completing the form below and upon submitting it to PBB, you acknowledge and agree unreservedly to the following terms.

Our values 

These are the behavioural values that we believe critical to the success of our organisation and volunteers; they are the principles by which we operate and means by which we measure our alignment to strategy.  

  1. One big family

    • We are family centric, client focussed and cognisant of children’s needs.

    • Our ethos is to facilitate high quality peer connection, support and care.

    • Our primary dedication is to our common wellbeing. 

  2. Sleep well at night

    • We are accountable, responsible, ethical, respectful, caring, compassionate and empathic

    • We believe in equality and act in an egalitarian manner

    • We model the PBB behaviours; demonstrating camaraderie and warmth

  3. Open heart, open mind

    • Our nature is to be determined, driven, passionate, inclusive, sensitive

    • Demonstrating humility, we influence, act urgently and nurture

    • We use emotional and social intelligence

  4. If not us, who?

    • We believe in empowering, growing and inspiring leaders

    • We value talent, innovation and communication

    • We make a dent in the universe and choose the road less travelled

  5. Rock solid

    • We are dependable, trustworthy and have each other’s backs

    • We value teamwork, expertise, knowledge and playing by the rules.

    • We achieve more working as one than we do as individuals.

  6. Do more with less

    • We are pragmatic, resourceful, frugal and proactive

    • We see no barriers, accept all challenges and do not postpone

    • We think differently, whilst keeping it simple

Volunteer Role

  • As a volunteer there is no remuneration or other financial benefit.

  • Volunteers only undertake roles they are authorised to perform.

  • Volunteers operate at the direction of an appointed manager.

  • There is no obligation on PBB to provide any volunteer duties. 

Volunteer Licensing

  • Confirmation as a volunteer operates on annual (12m) licensing.

  • Each 12m volunteers must be re-licensed for their role to continue.  

  • If appropriate, a volunteer license may be revoked at any time. 

  • Retention of license requires periodic training and assessment.

Conduct (including media policy)

  • Whilst acting in their PBB capacity, volunteers are required to live by and exhibit behaviours consistent with PBB values listed above; further volunteer behaviours should align with PBB overall aims and strategy. 

  • Volunteers are expected to make themselves aware of and to comply with PBB policies and procedures. 

  • Volunteers are not permitted to communicate with the media in any capacity relating to PBB other than to make arrangements for authorised personnel to do so. Authorised personnel include the CEO, Chair of the Board and Media Manager.

  • Volunteers are not to communicate on social media (or otherwise on the internet) in any capacity that suggests that they are an official representative of PBB, nor authorised to speak on behalf of PBB

  • It is a condition of PBB licensing that volunteers are not involved with any group or body whose aims or activities are in opposition to PBB’s stated aims and activities.  

  • Volunteers are expected to inform PBB immediately of any incident or situation that may bring PBB into disrepute. 

Safety, insurance and well-being

  • Volunteers are required to follow their managers reasonable instructions.

  • Volunteers working directly with support users (i.e. members of public experiencing post separation trauma) are required to debrief in line with official policy / procedure. 

  • Volunteers are expected to act responsibly in regard of their own mental well-being and to help keep a look out for that of colleagues.  

  • Volunteers are not covered by workers compensation insurance.

  • Volunteers are covered by PBB’s personal accident insurance.

  • Volunteers will immediately inform PBB of any health and safety issue or potentially hazardous situation and also report any accident or incident. 

  • PBB’s insurance does not cover damage to a volunteer’s vehicle that might arise during the course of, or as a result of volunteering at PBB. 

  • Volunteers have the option to raise a grievance with their reporting manager or via use of the grievance reporting form on the PBB Workplace platform.

Confidentiality – PBB’s intellectual property and information

  • As a volunteer, you may come into contact with confidential information relating to PBB’s work; this may include but not be limited to team member identity and private details, policies and procedures, intellectual property of PBB, internal PBB communications and financial or other statistical information. 

  • Volunteers have a duty of care to protect and not permit to be disclosed, any such information to any third party at any time including after a volunteering role at PBB ends.

  • Volunteers breaking this duty of care and confidentiality are subject to immediate suspension, termination and/or legal action. 

Confidentiality – PBB service users information

  • As a volunteer, you may come into contact with confidential information relating to PBB’s service users; this may include but not be limited to their name, address, contact details and personal situation. 

  • Volunteers have a duty of care to protect and not permit to be disclosed, any such information to any third party at any time including after a volunteering role at PBB ends.

  • Volunteer facilitators running a support meeting are required to follow prescribed support group attendee sign in procedures.

  • Volunteers should understand that service users provide their name, address, contact or other private details in the reasonable expectation that it is appropriately recorded and stored only by PBB (the organisation which they have contacted for support) in accordance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and the 13 associated privacy principles, by or through the application of suitable policy, procedure and insurances. Such data or information must never be held in the private possession of any individual or representative volunteer of PBB. 

  • Volunteers agree not to retain any such PBB service user data or information but, where it does come to be in their possession, that it is securely transferred to PBB before it is securely and permanently deleted or destroyed.  

  • Volunteers breaking this duty of care and confidentiality requirement are subject to immediate suspension, termination and, if appropriate, legal action. 

Conflict of Interest

  • Volunteers will promptly disclose any real or potential conflict of interest where they, or anyone known to them, may benefit financially or otherwise from undertaking of duties for PBB. 

  • In any such event, volunteers will consult their reporting line manager and take appropriate action to remove any conflict of interest. 

  • With the exception of promoting PBB official services, at no time will volunteers create or participate in any online medium or exchange designed to connect PBB service users outside of PBB’s official platforms.  

  • At no time should volunteers allow themselves to be associated with any non PBB service that purports incorrectly to be managed by or for PBB or its subsidiary entities or services. 

  • Volunteers are at liberty and encouraged to share their affiliation with PBB publicly but not alongside or in concert with or support of any other affiliation that may bring PBB into disrepute. Affiliations include individuals, bodies, groups, parties, agencies and organisations. 

Intellectual Property

  • Intellectual property created by volunteers (including documents, materials, media, ideas or concepts) in the course of carrying out volunteering duties, belong to and are immediately assigned to PBB. 

  • Volunteers agree to submit all documents, materials or other content, and do all things required by PBB to transfer these intellectual property rights and interests (including copyright) to PBB. 

  • Volunteers should understand that unauthorised use of PBB’ intellectual property is strictly prohibited.