Helpful advice for parents going through difficult separations

Separation Checklist
Stay Calm
  • Above all else, stay calm and do not panic or overreact; this is one of the most common reasons people get themselves into deeper trouble. If there’s one thing any veteran who’s been through this will tell you, almost nothing is really as urgent as you probably think it is day one, and these things tend to slow down after an initial burst and unfold progressively and slowly. Breathe, take your time and assess carefully your next steps.

Reach out
  • Reach out to us and other positive support services. With us, you’re talking with dads and mums who’ve been through it we know where you are, how you’re feeling and often how best to navigate your way through the challenges you’re facing. You’re amongst friends. No need to convince us of what you’re experiencing.

  • Fact is, positive outcomes really do occur all the time if you learn to focus and you follow through and do the right things. We’ll help you with that. We help you put your situation into perspective and assist you to focus on the best way through the challenges that you are facing. We provide you with options and insights, and the wisdom of those that have been there before you. With us, there’s always hope.

  • Each year we get hundreds of messages from grateful mums and dads who have managed to turn around their situations with our help, and we’re here to help you too. Its free, there’s no catch and no need to book or prepare – just reach out, join up or turn up!

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