The DIDs ‘Dad Survey’ and 55 book give away

Click here to take the survey

We’re running a quick ‘dad’ survey ahead of Fathers Day.

It’s specifically for and about separated dads. 

It’s short, it only takes a few moments to complete and, if helping us to keep more dads alive doesn’t do it for you, the 55 books we’re giving away in a free prize draw might!

Prize winners will be selected on or shortly after Fathers Day Sun 6th Sept 2020.

Click here to take the survey

Need reasons to take part? Okay, here goes…


  1. A chance of winning one of 10 (author signed) copies of the newly published and amazing family law and personal post-separation survival guide, ‘Separate Ways’ by Shayla Lewis-Darmody.
  2. A chance of winning one of 25 copies of the soon to be published ‘Non-Custodial Parenting Guide’ by Parents Beyond Breakup – everything you need to know in a few pages based on 20+ years of supporting dads as peers.
  3. A chance of winning one of 20 (author signed) copies of ‘Hero Dads Club – Value of Fun’ by our very own Melbourne based Operations Manager, Phil Lamport.
  4. The data collected in this survey not only helps us better understand the support needs of separated dads but also helps us keep them alive and in their kid’s lives. Now really, is there a better reason to take part?
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