Parents Beyond Breakup a key signatory to Joint Statement in Suicide Prevention Sector

Twelve months ago, the Final Advice of the Prime Minister’s National Suicide Prevention Advisor, Ms Christine Morgan, was released.

Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB) was consulted during the process towards the Final Advice which represents the culmination of 18 months of engagement across Government, the suicide prevention sector, researchers, and communities.

“The decades of experience and insights Parents Beyond Breakup has gained running support groups and a National Helpline means we were well placed to offer insights and data to the Advisor. This is Informed through a peer support and lived-experience model, which shows real positive impact for those experiencing suicidal thoughts,” said CEO Gillian Hunt.

As stated by Suicide Prevention Australia:

Many who have had thoughts of suicide or attempted suicide, carers and those who are bereaved courageously shared their experience for the first time to guide these reforms.

To drive change, the Final Advice identified four key enablers: a whole-of-government approach, lived-experience knowledge and insight, data and evidence to drive outcomes and workforce and community capability.

Parents Beyond Breakup supports each of these enablers through its model, aligning with Suicide Prevention Australia’s National Policy Platform.
Four further priority shifts were also recommended: responding earlier to distress, connecting people to compassionate services and supports, targeting groups that are disproportionately affected by suicide and delivering policy responses that improve security and safety.

“Parents Beyond Breakup is a preventative service, tackling the issues and indicators of suicidality further ‘upstream’ before it’s too late, offering connection and hope,” said Gillian.

Research shows the risk of suicide can increase two to three years after a crisis. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, a recession, and a series of natural disasters, it’s a critical opportunity to prevent suicide across our community.

The Final Advice provides us a clear roadmap for reform. It builds on countless inquiries, plans, and reviews over recent decades. Now is the time for action and to implement the changes we know are required to drive down suicide rates. On the one-year anniversary of the Final Advice and during a federal election campaign, we urge all parties to commit to fully fund and implement the recommendations of the Final Advice.

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