Every 3-4 days, a parent traumatised by
separation, will end their life
You can change that by
referring them to us
Their kids deserve it


  • Because separation is one of the leading drivers of suicide in Australia; especially those facing child custodial issues

  • Because we’re free, supported by the Department of Social Services and – over 70% of attendees say we’re the best support they could find

  • Because we build understanding, resilience and proactivity in all those that we support; we help create survivors, not victims
  • Because, over 50% of those that come to us report feeling suicidal; almost none do after three sessions with us; that makes us an industry leader
  • Because, we’re local, confidential, safe and almost completely volunteer staffed
  • Because, we’re lived experience peers, looking after other peers – dads supporting dads, mums supporting mums.

Just over half of all separated men say they feel suicidal.

Any wonder then that 1 in 4 suicides is a separating man?

PBB (through front line service Dads in Distress) is one of the only male friendly support services focussed on these men. We’ve been doing just this across Australia since 1999.

How can you help refer people to us?

  1. Send them to our website www.parentsbeyondbreakup.com
  2. Let them know there’s a dads or mums group near them
  3. Display a poster (download PDF) in your office / place of work
  4. Order cards, leaflets, stickers and posters to display by contacting our support helpline
  5. Subscribe to our email updates, the form is at the bottom of our home page
  6. Volunteer to help raise awareness in your local community
  7. Post links to our website and articles on your social media, follow us on social media
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