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Grief, Loss & Emotions


Designed to help you understand the 5 stages of grief and loss in relation to relationship breakdown, parenting children through grief. In module 2 we present insights into the deep emotions often associated with grief, such as shame, anger and despair.



To give a conceptual framework to assist members through the grief process associated with relationship breakdown.

This course will help you understand that your reactions are normal and comprise of a common sequence of emotions felt which are recognisable and part of the process.

Understanding the Grief Process has utilised the 5 stages of grief first identified by Dr. Kubler-Ross. This method is widely accepted among therapists and clinicians as the most beneficial of all explanations to understanding the process we follow with grief.

Module 1 of this course gives an explanation to the 5 stages of grief, how this relates to relationship breakdown and how children process grief.

The second component to understanding the grief process is emotional resilience. Like all personal development, emotional resilience often comes through having experienced some form of loss or trauma.

Module 2 of this course will explore the three key strong emotions people struggle with during the grief process.



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