Parents Beyond Breakup launches “peersWALK”


Situational Suicide Prevention acknowledges the distress of your peer rather than automatically assuming mental illness or disorder, with suicide thoughts (though in some cases the two are linked).

It responds to significantly challenging experiences of mind. This includes thoughts, emotions, sensations, or behaviours, associated with an inability to compensate for a distressing event, such as:

  • bereavement
  • relationship breakdown
  • change in health status
  • natural disasters, pandemics
  • financial, or occupational difficulties

This distress may significantly overlap with many of the symptoms usually taken to suggest mental ‘illness’ or ‘distress’.

Who is peersWALK training for?
Team and community members like you who notice their peer/s maybe heading down the road of suicide, and care enough to help them across that  road rather than going down it. And no, it doesn’t mean you have to become a practitioner – just a member of the relay team that gets your peer  across the road.

What is the format of peersWALK training?
This is a live, experiential and facilitated training in a secure online environment so it can be accessible to anyone, anywhere with a computer and  internet connection. It involves hands-on interaction and practice.

How long is peersWALK training?
The facilitated training runs for 4 hours. There are also follow-up skill building modules available post training as well.

What will I gain from peersWALK?
• Confidence, skills and tools to know what to do
• Simple models and the ability to apply them straight away
• Hands-on skills practice and development
• Knowledge and practical experience to intervene earlier and practically, to prevent a downward spiral into distress

What next?
Register yourself, your organisation or community group for peersWALK training now…