Paul: “She used my brain injury to get a DV order”

Paul is a NSW dad in his 40’s. This is his story in his words.

“My wife left me in 2017. We’d been together ten years and had two children. I had a bad car accident and ended up with a broken back and neck. She was my power of attorney. She used that to clear out my bank. She also withdrew money on my home loan, ran a GoFundMe to cover my medical bills. It was a scam. I was in a public hospital. I only found out and pieced it all together when a lady contacted me on Facebook.

My wife earns around $250,000 and [her new partner] earns $500,000. It’s all about money. She used my brain injury to get a temporary DV intervention order placed on me. She’s using near-unlimited income to keep dragging me through the courts and make me suffer. My solicitor said I could fight the DV order, but his advice was to accept it and save the money.

They’ve dragged me through court for two years so far. She keeps stopping me from seeing my children. My solicitor has said this cannot continue. But it does. I didn’t see this side of my wife when we were married. I don’t want to see other people go through this.”
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