Parents Beyond Breakup, Our Vision, Mission and Values

Parent beyond breakups vision


The world we’d like to see.

All children enjoy the best possible relationship with both their parents

Parents Beyond Breakup Mission


What we aim to do about it.

Keeping separating parents alive and in their kids lives by providing hope, support and a voice.


One Big Family

  • We are family centric, client focussed and cognisant of children’s needs

  • We model the PBB behaviours; demonstrate camaraderie, warmth and we each help to develop others around us

  • Our ethos is to facilitate peer to peer connection, support and care

Sleep Well at Night

  • We are accountable, responsible, ethical, respectful, caring, compassionate and empathic

  • We believe in equality and act in an egalitarian manner

Open Heart, Open Mind

  • Our nature is to be determined, driven, passionate, inclusive, sensitive

  • We act urgently, influence and nurture whilst demonstrating humility

  • We use emotional and social intelligence

If Not Us, Who?

  • We believe in empowering, growing and inspiring leaders

  • We value talent, innovation and communication

  • We make a dent in the universe and choose the road less travelled

Rock Solid

  • We are dependable, trustworthy experts

  • We value teamwork, expertise and knowledge

  • Playing by the rules is what makes us successful

Do More With Less

  • We are pragmatic, resourceful, frugal and proactive

  • We see no barriers, accept all challenges and do not postpone

  • Think different whilst keeping it simple

Helpline - 1300 853 437