Offer Help

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Did you know?

  • Every donation helps reduce parental suicide and domestic violence.
  • As a registered charity, donations to PBB are tax deductible.
  • We are one of the most cost efficient charities in Australia, your help translates into real lives saved through actual grass root services.
  • In 2016, quality assurance analysis indicates that:
    • Over 350 parental suicides prevented
    • Domestic Violence incidents reduced by over 50%
  • Despite leading effectiveness, we are one of the least supported charities in this sector.
  • Every child deserves to have parents who continue to be there for them.

Volunteer your time/services, perhaps to start a new group near you

Other ways you can help us

  • Donate goods or services that can be auctioned to raise funds.
  • Help us to start a new support group where you live.
  • Hold an event in your area / organisation to raise funds for PBB.
  • Senior executive that we’ve previously helped? Join and support our corporate alumni.

Are you a workplace looking to support us? Here’s an idea or two

  • Offer us a meeting room to use in the evening as a group location – we provide indemnity insurance and make sure everything is kept safe and locked up when we leave. This is hugely helpful to us.
  • Ask us to run your focus group. Our parental group work model utilises a unique scientifically designed format which is actually really great for focus group type activities within the workplace. Typical scenarios include addressing difficult workplace cultural issues (e.g. bullying, mismanagement etc.) or just to get a great brainstorming session completed.
  • Specialised support for workplaces dealing with high at risk people. We offer specialised support for workplaces that interact with clients / public that may be suicidal or at high risk of self harm (e.g. insurance companies, emergency services, ADF etc.) This includes (1) training for staff to know what to watch out for and how to handle situations, (2) case management for individuals referred to us and (3) a dedicated telephone helpline for staff to discuss difficult situations.
  • Donate what you do and let us turn it into cash. Do you have a product or service that you could donate to us so that we could auction it to raise funds? Drop us a line. We’re really hoping Mercedes might see this and get a bit generous.
  • Make us your workplaces chosen charity and know that you are actually saving lives. If it helps, unlike many ‘great causes’, we can actually put numbers of lives saved against your support. If that doesn’t motivate your teams, nothing will.
  • Providers of critical infrastructure that are able to donate their services at low or no cost are very welcome. Examples include:
    • computers
    • mobile phones / mobile contracts
    • transport
    • accomodation
    • mobile app development
    • graphic design
    • film making
    • media training