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Daughters fixing broken relationship with dad

Original article source, reproduced below. ‘The Conversation’, Linda Neilson, 11th July 2017. In a 2002 study involving nearly 2,500 children, researchers found that daughters’ relationships with their fathers were more damaged than sons’. What’s more, estranged daughters are more likely than estranged sons to suffer negative effects from the damaged relationship. If you’re like most […]

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Important Notice for PBB Financial Members

AGM notice update 06/11/17: We have today emailed all financial members the details for the AGM 2017. Please check your email inboxes for the details, and your spam or filtered emails folders if you have not seen this notice. If you have any queries or problems accessing the information, please email the office on Many […]

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PBB Response to 28th Sep 2017 Announcement of a Family Law Act Review

Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB), Australia’s leading charity for separating families, has welcomed the Government’s plans to undertake a comprehensive review of the family law system. Pete Nicholls CEO of PBB said: “There are more than one million children living in separated families in Australia. All of those children deserve to have a great relationship with […]

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Tackling male suicide is not about more funding

“This is why support services like Dads In Distress and MATES In Construction are proving so effective at helping men with issues like dealing with the family courts. They take a male-friendly approach to tackling the problems men face and most importantly, they know how to identify, talk with and listen to, men at risk […]

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Sunday is World Suicide Prevention Day

Sunday 10th September 2017 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Have you done your bit to help reduce suicide in Australia? Many will see the call, most could be forgiven for wondering what they could do to help. Here’s something simple and tangible that’s within your reach right now. If we break down suicide numbers in […]

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Thank you, Dad

Dear Dad I just wanted to say thank you, for everything. When I was little I would look up to you and wonder if I could ever grow that big. All I dreamed was to be just like you. You got up before the sun every day and disappeared in your work truck. At night […]

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PBB Newsletter 30th August 2017

Welcome to our latest Newsletter. It is in a new format which we hope you’ll like. Let us know what you think. Pete Nicholls, our new CEO Welcome Pete Nicholls, our new CEO. Pete joined us in 2013 as a volunteer facilitator in our West Sydney Parramatta Dads in Distress (DIDs) Group; later he went […]

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