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Mother’s Day – a painful reminder of parental alienation for some…

In the lead up to Mother’s Day, Parents Beyond Breakup is urging us all to think about mums impacted by parental alienation.

Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB) is a national suicide prevention charity, solely focused on supporting separating non-custodial parents. Providing support to separating parents, and impacted grandparents, through a peer-supported, lived experience and evidence-based model, PBB runs separate groups for Mums in Distress (MiDs) and Dads in Distress (DiDs). Support is also provided through a National Hotline.

One of the mothers* who has attended MiDs over the past few years shared these insights:

“My family has suffered from parental alienation. It is caused when a child (or children) aligns themselves with one parent and rejects the relationship with the other parent, and their extended family, without good reason. This is heart breaking for the alienated parent and can cause long term damage to both parent and child.

My child, who I had a great relationship with, stopped talking to me overnight. It was incredibly distressing causing me to become suicidal. During this time I found the Parents Beyond Breakup Helpline and then joined their Mums in Distress online peer support meetings.

I realised through this meeting that I wasn’t alone, that other women were in the same unfortunate predicament as myself. Speaking with them, and hearing their stories, helped me in more ways than I can say. I found that this group was unique in being able to understand not only the challenges but also the additional stigma that comes with being a mother who is alienated from her children.”

Gillian Hunt, CEO of Parents Beyond Breakup says: “There are many situations that can make Mother’s Day tough, being separated from your children is particularly painful. This Mother’s Day we are thinking of all mums who are separated from their children due to relationship breakup. Mums in Distress exists for the support and wellbeing of mums with little or no contact with their children.

“We know that our model works – those who come to us for help consistently find benefit through the various services where they connect with our team who go above and beyond as they themselves have all been there in that same distress,” Gillian commented.

For those attending the sessions, the self-reported sense of suicidality significantly drops after three sessions (for up to 80% of attendees). Similarly, almost all people calling the Helpline (95%) report a dramatic decrease in stress levels and a heightened sense of connection.

Are you a non-custodial mum in need of support due to limited or no access to your children?

The Mums in Distress peer support group meets every Tuesday night, online, at 6.30pm AEST. And this week, as it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday, we will have an online group from 12noon – 2pm. There is support, you are NOT alone. Or call: 1300 853 437
www.parentsbeyondbreakup.com/mids for more details including joining a support session.

*These are the views of the individual interviewed and are anonymised to protect all parties. 

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