MIDS Opening statment

MIDs Welcome Statement:

 Welcome to our Group. 

Please join us in helping to make a safe and collaboratively supportive space, where we can make a difference in our lives. We acknowledge that this space may serve each of us in different ways. 

Here, between the time we form our check-in circle and the time we check-out at the end of the group, it is an opportunity for us to just be ourselves, however we are in this moment, to be seen and to be heard. At first it may feel uncomfortable, as seldom does this opportunity present itself in our daily lives. 

Here, we really listen to each other.

We don’t interrupt, to offer our thoughts or any advice, from what we hear another share. We simply give each other the opportunity to share their story, giving each other respectful attention. 

It is important that we don’t try to ‘rescue’ someone who is feeling sad, or showing any emotion in particular, we simply allow them to have their own experience. 

This group is an opportunity for us to share our experiences in a safe and non-judgemental environment and to give and receive support, but most importantly to know that we are not alone. The way we do this is by simply taking turns going around the circle, leaving space in between each person to take a moment to reflect on what was shared.  We refrain from jumping in to share our thoughts and feelings, and instead, we sit quietly with our thoughts and feelings, and let them be as they are, because we know that soon, it will be our time to share. 

We respectfully acknowledge that we all have our stories and our lived experience that has brought us here. And, as we sit together in this circle, and share our stories, may we feel supported, gather collective wisdom, gain access to our own personal insights and know that above all else, we are not alone.