Support Group Meetings for Mums


We offer MIDs specific time slots with a peer mum at various times during the week (once booked, we call you back at the arranged time) or you can call our main helpline and speak to a male helpline operator 7 days week on 1300 853 437.

Parents Beyond Breakup free helpline: 1300 853 437


  • IMPORTANT NOTICE 10/12/23: For the time being, weekly (Sunday) MIDs peer support groups are suspended pending a review. We hope this can be completed within a ‘few weeks’ and that we’ll be back better than ever very soon. In the intervening period, our MIDs Virtual Veranda (24hrs chat) operates as normal and we’re increasing the flexibility of our MIDs helpline to reach you at more times through the week than had previously been the case – watch this space in the coming days. 
  • Check calendar below for all current MIDs support options.
Support for separted mums missing their children due to separation or divorce
Helpline - 1300 853 437