Jane: “He tried to take his life last weekend”

Jane is a sister/aunt in her 40’s in QLD.

“My brother was woken to being smashed in the face with a breadboard. It was his partner. Two weeks later, the police charged him with assault. He had to go to court. She drove him. When there, she went into a separate room saying she was scared for her life. He moved out.

His ex started getting increasingly nasty. His daughter, once arrived saying, “Daddy’s a ****, Daddy’s a ****”
I work with vulnerable people. DV and child protection is a large part of my role. The DV protection order was 12 months. That nearly expired when she had made fresh allegations. She wanted to extend the order 2 yrs. Later, my brother had a call from child protection. His ex accused him of throwing their daughter against the wall. He broke down. It was so awful. He adores his daughter. They investigated. The case was closed. He hadn’t done anything.
She sends him abusive emails. She’s trying to wind him up. She knows him emotionally. She’s trying to play the system. She knows to pretend she’s scared for her life.
He tried to take his life last weekend.
Her game is to wear him down. I know there are people who have experienced DV, I work with them. But not this. This is manipulating the system because she knows it’s biased. His ex has told everyone at the school that he’s an abuser.
It’s about having a child for monetary gain and playing games of power and control to destroy my brother.”
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