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External Support and resources for separating parents

parenting plans for separated mum and dad

Parenting Plans

Male Friendly Support Organizations

  • Mothers of Sons – An advocacy group of ordinary women whose sons have faced extraordinary ordeals in our biased courts and workplaces.  
  • Mentoring Men – pairing up mentor and mentee for a one-to-one support relationship
  • in South-West Sydney (PHN region)
  • Crewmen create connections with real mates. Mates that you can relate to. It could be based on where you’re at in life, your past experiences, future aspirations, hobbies or interests. Crewmen show up for each other when you need them.

  • Doing it Tough?

    Are you Doing it Tough? We connect men in NSW who are doing it tough with support services, based on where you live, the challenges you face, and the way you want to be supported.

support groups and associations for men

General support during separation

supprting children through separation or divorce

Supporting Children Through Separation


Kids Helpline Age-appropriate information for young children, teenagers and young adults (including information about managing anxiety related to news information), phone counselling, email and SMS services.


Smiling Mind app Free app with short mindfulness exercises for children, teenagers and adults that parents and children can practise together easily. ‘Thriving Inside’ is a dedicated section of the Smiling Mind website and Instagram account that is related to managing COVID-19-related stress and maintaining connectedness.


BITE BACK An online program from the Black Dog Institute for adolescents aged 13–18 years based on positive psychology. It provides information, a mental health fitness challenge and activities such as ‘THINK TANK’ (a gratitude diary) and ‘SNAP THAT’ (a mindfulness activity disguised as a photography activity). The site focuses on developing and maintaining good mental health practices.


eheadspace Free online support and counselling for young people aged 12–25 years. Although it is not an emergency service, the site does provide the option of one-on-one live chats from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm, as well as moderated group chats and excellent information for adolescents and families and friends. This site is useful for those wanting information, for tools addressing mild symptoms and for additional support between consultations.


BRAVE-Online An evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy–based online program developed by The University of Queensland for children and teenagers with anxiety symptoms. It has a parallel program for parents to help them understand and manage what is occurring for their children. It can be undertaken independently by children and parents or has the option for assistance from an online therapist.