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Why do we think donating to Parents Beyond Breakup is the best bang for your donated buck?

Parents Beyond Breakup is a registerd charity
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GiveNow allows you to make one off or regular donations. Tax receipts are automatically issued.

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Even small regular donations make a big difference. Consider donating a cup of coffee ($5) each month; even that helps Aussie kids get to keep their parents around.

If you donate online using GiveNow, you will automatically be emailed a tax receipt.

If you are donating via direct bank deposit or transfer, email us the details and we’ll manually send you a receipt.

Due to limited resource, it helps us if you donate via GiveNow.

Why not run an event and raise funds for our cause. It saves lives.

After your event the money must be deposited into our bank account using the details on this page.

Let us know about your event and we’ll help publicise it, or at least give you the credit due.

We keep parents alive, and in their kids' lives.​

If you'd like to make a difference, this is the place to do it. ​

We do one thing . We do it well. More efficiently and more effectively than almost anyone else.

Each year, our internal research suggests that we typically prevent over 365 suicides. That’s somewhere over 650 kids who get to keep their mums and dads, each year.

No small thing. It’s an achievement that is unique and more to the point, we deliver it on a fraction of the funding that larger organisations attract and require.

How do we do it?

  • Almost everyone at Parents Beyond Breakup is both a separated parent and a volunteer.

  • We are parents helping parents.

  • It has meant that in two decades of operating, we’ve never forgotten who we are and why we’re here.

  • All of our people have direct lived experience meaning that we are kept honest, focussed and effective.

It is why no large or better known charity comes even close to matching our suicide prevention performance, or our cost efficiency.

If you’re going to support anyone that is working to reduce suicide, why not make it an organisation that’s proven it delivers much more, for far less. Make your valuable donation go further than it would elsewhere.

With us you know its going straight to the front line and directly into hands on, grass roots, suicide prevention – saving a dad’s or saving a mum’s life, enabling children a better start and future.

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