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100% of our support is FREE, male/dad friendly, confidential and non judgemental.

Helpline 1300 853 437

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Helpline for & by separated dads. Check calendar below for time by location. Call 1300 853 437, or +61 (0)2 6652 8113 Operates daytime 7 days a week Times by location listed in the calendar below. The helpline can be busy but if you are prompted to leave a voicemail, please do so because we can see your call but we are probably tied up on another one right there and then – we will call you back quickly.
Support for separated or divorced dads missing their children
Dads in Distress has been keeping dads alive and in their kids' lives since Father's Day, 1999.

We provide 100% free, confidential and non judgemental support to dads who are going through or have gone through separation – in particular, separation from their kids. All of the team at Dads in Distress are peers, dads who’ve been through it themselves. We get the issues and we know what it feels like to be in this situation. You might feel isolated, anxious, depressed, hopeless. You might have suicidal thoughts, which is not all that unusual when the situation seems overwhelming. Our team, having been there, can appreciate where you’re at and be there to listen and provide you useful pointers that make this more manageable. Common issues and questions we get at our support groups include the likes of:

If this sounds like you then, you're in the right place and we can help.

Online Support

Online groups run for & by separated dads. Check calendar for current status & details. Tuesday eve (standard DIDs meeting) Thursday eve (standard DIDs meeting) Sunday eve (standard DIDs meeting)

Monday eve (FREE Expert Q&A)

Start time by timezone / location: ⏰ WA @ 17:00 ⏰ NT & SA @ 18:30 ⏰ ACT, NSW, TAS, VIC & QLD @ 19:00


Workshops: We also operate regular free workshops (100% confidential) with external ‘dad friendly’ experts such as lawyers, police officers and psychologists who can answer your questions in a safe space.

1st Monday of the month

Child Support Matters

2nd Monday of the month

Parental Alienation

3rd Monday of the month

Family Law with ICL

4th Monday of the month

Family Law

5th Monday of the month

Guest experts

In Person Support

In person groups run for & by separated dads. Check calendar for current status & details


Support groups: DIDs provides support in a number of ways, the main of which are peer support groups that run in different locations around Australia and online each week. These are drop in so there’s no need to book, prepare or pay, just drop in to your local group or click the link to join one of our online groups at the start times shown. In both cases, don’t be late as we kick off on time. These groups are generally 2hrs long and you’ll have the opportunity to talk to other dads, like you, confidentially and to hear the wisdom and insight of the other dads around issues that you’re struggling with.


Calendar of Support

This calendar shows up to the minute status and details. Click entry in calendar to view details.

All of our DIDs support is listed in our calendar. Click on any entry to expand it and see more detail such as the meeting address or to get the link to join an online meeting.

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24/7 Online Chat & Forum

We have a safe private forum where you can chat to other peers around Australia 24/7. Its called the Virtual Veranda. Attend a meeting and you'll be provided details how to join. Like everything we do, its free, confidential, male friendly. Access is via web or mobile app. 

Separation Checklist

Where to start? What are all the things you wish you knew about now, but that you might not think about before it's too late? Here's a good place to start.

External Support Links

A bunch of links to services most dads we support would probably want to know about.

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What Happens When Men Become Alienated From Their Children?

This is an introduction to a male health perspective on alienation, alienated fathers, and the role of policy and the law. In this podcast, I discuss parental alienation's terrible effect on men's mental and physical health with Professor Gary Wittert. Professor Wittert specialises in male health and health equity for men. Together, we outline how alienation in families adversely affects fathers and their children's mental and physical well-being.
Father's Day report
Reduced level of hopelessness 84%
Overall, coping more effectively 83%
Reduced level of isolation 81%
Reduced suicidal thoughts 71%
Averted otherwise intended suicide 56%
Improved relationship with kids 53%
Improved relationship with other parent 25%

Father's Day Report

This is a reports on separating dads and the issue of suicide.

In this first report, we look at trust and its impact on dads getting help.

Also, how well are we performing as a suicide prevention support service….


Helpline - 1300 853 437