Dads in Distress facilitator at Logan (QLD) passes aged 43

It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of Fil Curley, long time and greatly loved volunteer facilitator at the Logan (QLD) Dads in Distress group.

Sadly, Fil suffered a fatal heart attack last week which was related to a known heart condition.

We want to celebrate the wisdom, fun and good memories we’ve shared in our time together with Fil.

In particular, we want to acknowledge Fil’s contribution to others through running our Logan Dads in Distress group.

Almost every week he turned up to lend an ear and support the other blokes doing it tough.

He was direct, thoughtful and compassionate and he delivered sage insight to hundreds of blokes. We know from hearing from those men, that kids have dads in their lives today because of Fil. They kept fighting, they knew the right thing to do and some men are alive today specifically because of Fil. He is lke o many others at DIDs, a true hero and good man dedicated to an important cause.

He was also a great and very loving dad; perhaps his proudest and greatest achievement of all. I’m sure our dads that knew him would all agree.

We’re enormously grateful and proud to have shared time with Fil.

At every Dads in Distress meeting we have an empty chair. We never expected Fil to be in that chair but it’s some small comfort that Fil can still come if he wants and it will serve as a reminder of Fil’s good advice, great humour and priceless friendship.

Rest in Peace Fil, our thoughts are with you now and always. Come visit us and sit in that empty chair, crack a joke as you do and remind us all why we’re there.

To his family and friends, we pass our condolences.


  1. We’re gonna miss you mate.


  2. DID’s is a little worse off today with this loss…. RIP Fil, you were an absolute legend….


  3. You helped to help me up and keep on going despite how hard it was.. thanks Fil, RIP Buddy…. Miss ya


  4. You had a good life my friend, the one that is acquired from overcoming hardship. You did so admirably, helping many others in the process. I salute you. Rest in Peace. You were and continue to be, a beautiful man.