Separation Anxiety-

Loneliness, anxiety, feelings of isolation and hopelessness are unfortunately just some of the feelings that accompany every divorce, as separation anxiety.

Sometimes that pain can be so severe that we sometimes wonder whether we are able to survive for very long, if at all. These feelings are even worse for a mum who has lost custody of her children.

The truth is that riding the rollercoaster of emotions after divorce can be one of the most debilitating times in one’s life.

So, what steps can we take, what outreach should we do, and is there anywhere to go for help?

Dealing with separation anxiety-


Firstly, learning to deal with loneliness is the first step in taking care of yourself.

Socializing or finding support groups is an important next step towards recovery. Early on in the separation, you might not want to see anyone and might still be struggling to cope.

But remember that connecting with other women who understand COULD be your first vital and courageous step to overcoming the loneliness caused by divorce.

Mums in Distress is a support group initiated by Parents Beyond Breakup

A national not-for-profit charity that works solely to keep parents alive. And in their kid’s lives, even after a family breakdown.

Our MIDS (Mums in Distress) meet weekly to support other mums going through a similar tough situation.

All our Support Team has been exactly where you are today – we all have what we call Lived Experience:  we have been lost and alone, we have missed our children, and we have battled with a legal system just to get access to our kids.

We have found support, a group of warm and caring Mums. Also, a place to cry, share stories, hold each other up, and often to have a laugh.

Yes – we do eventually smile again.

Our peer support groups are 100% free, safe, confidential, and interactive. If you wish to share your story or are looking for support to cope with your loneliness, join our online peer support groups or visit our website more information.