Alienated mothers and their trauma

Parental Alienation-

Parental alienation describes a family dynamic in which a parent engages in behaviors that are likely to foster a child’s unjustified rejection of the other parent.

Let us pause and look at the ways in which mums suffer the experience of being rejected by their child. Despite feminism being spoken about loudly and clearly.

We women are still raised with the idea that the very essence of motherhood is that we are the most important parent in our child’s life and our role as a mother should be of prime importance and all other roles can take a back seat.

Mums are most often alienated in a pattern of behaviour which is the very definition of coercive control. More often than not, we hear repeated phrases from the dads such as :

She wasn’t interested in the children when they were born”

“She has some kind of a mental disorder that prevents her from bonding with the kids”


The trauma that alienated mothers face is something so deeply unpleasant and so deeply shaming that women undergoing such circumstances often do not reveal their awful situation to the outside world.

They not only suffer the loss of their children and all of the grief and suffering that goes with it.

But alienated mums also face hostile and deeply suspicious attitudes of society at large because people around start believing that “she surely must have done something dreadful to deserve it”.

It is commonplace for alienated Mums to be exploited, shamed and shoved to the outer margins of society.


Along with this, mums suffer the loss of the role of being caregiver as well as the loss of the relationship with their children, a burden made heavier by the attitudes of society.

At Parents Beyond Breakup,

we realize, understand and have also faced the trauma faced by these mums. Their suffering, anxiety and depression must be taken care of to prevent them from taking drastic steps.

Our Mums in Distress support groups work towards supporting and caring for mums who are alone, isolated and in distress.

Mums in Distress support groups are specially designed for those who are recently alienated and seeking clarity and support.

As well as for those who have been struggling with the change due to alienation and separation from kids.

If you are an alienated mum looking for support to strengthen your confidence and learn new ways to adapt to your situation, connect with us at