The parents beyond breakup board

Nikki Titmus

Board member - Chair at Parents Beyond Breakup

Meet Nikki, a dynamic and compassionate force committed to uplifting and empowering others. With a rich background in mental health, justice, consultancy, and advocacy, Nikki transforms academic insights into tangible change. Fearlessly challenging oppressive narratives, she advocates for cultural and social transformation in correction, justice, education, health, and community services. Nikki’s lived experience and expertise make her an inspiring advocate, embodying authenticity, dedication, and unwavering determination. Bridging academic knowledge with practical application, she is a driving force for positive change. Nikki’s profound understanding of mental health complexities fuels her advocacy, leading workshops and engagements nationwide. Grounded in empathy, integrity, and teamwork, Nikki fosters a culture of mutual respect and individual empowerment.

James Lobbes

Board (Deputy Chair) & Facilitator @ Sydney CBD at Parents Beyond Breakup

Andrew Vink

Board Member (Treasurer) at Parents Beyond Breakup

Adam Jones

Board Member (Secretary) at Parents Beyond Breakup

Adam Jones is a family law solicitor based in inner Sydney at Jones Hardy Law and has been at the coal-face of complex parenting and property matters for the last decade.  In 2018, he chose to establish a sole practice dedicated exclusively to family law working on increasingly complex areas of law including international anti-suit injunctions, the defence of sexual abuse allegations and intricate Child Support departure applications.

Adam has also founded a pro-bono arm of his legal practice, Dad’s Family Law, providing free legal advice to fathers and their supporters around Australia through town-hall style meetings held regularly in NSW, QLD and Victoria. Dad’s Family Law continues to provide access to justice for many self-represented litigators who would not otherwise qualify for funding by the various Legal Aid Commissions in Australia.

In addition to his work with fathers, Adam also volunteers at the Inner City Legal Centre in Kings Cross Sydney where he contributes free advice to the most marginalised members of the community in the area of family law.

He is also involved with Dad’s in Distress through Parents Beyond Breakups where he provides free legal advice on a monthly basis to a national audience.

Stan Korosi

Board Member at Parents Beyond Breakup

Parental alienation goes by many names to avoid confronting its ugly reality as a social and severe public health issue with potentially fatal outcomes. The social sciences are replete with research demonstrating how destructive, if not deadly, the process of alienation is for parents and children. Alienation is an ideology that dehumanises parents and treats children as disposable and tradeable assets. It defines family by membership in a voluntary and temporary social group. And memberships can be cancelled! Alienation is a cancel-culture. It uses narratives to construct alternate and false realities that make discrediting, vilifying a parent, and coercing their children to revoke their membership appear normal. The solutions are counter-narratives to “de-normalise” and disrupt alienation processes and structural de-alienation through social institutions such as Family Law to reinstitute family membership. Structural de-alienation also requires grassroots social action to change social attitudes and laws to apply more equitable approaches to parental alienation as a social and public health issue.

Dr Stan Korosi. PhD (Soc, Univ Sunshine Coast QLD), M.Couns. HS (Latrobe).

Principal Consultant-Director

Administrative Services Director-Family Bridges Workshop

Rebecca Hardy

Board Member at Parents Beyond Breakup

My name is Rebecca Hardy, with deep roots in my ancestral land, Wanaruah country, Hunter Valley, Singleton. I am blessed with two daughters, aged 24 and six, who bring immense joy to my life. Having weathered my own life's storms, I empathize with those navigating the complexities of separation, family law, and the anxieties that accompany such challenges. Despite setbacks and relationship struggles, I've forged a path marked by resilience and determination. From toiling multiple jobs to afford my first horse to establishing my own business and raising my daughters as a single mother, I've learned the importance of resilience and adaptation. With over two decades of diverse experience, I've navigated various industries with adaptability and a commitment to excellence. My priority is being the best mother I can be while extending kindness and support to others in need.  I understand firsthand the pain of having precious time with loved ones restricted and the longing to reclaim what's been lost.

John Herron

Board Member at Parents Beyond Breakup

Pete Nicholls

CEO at Parents Beyond Breakup

Pete has an electronics engineering degree and a background of design in the defence and aviation sector. A growing interest in data analysis subsequently led to retraining in Organisational Psychology and a pivot into corporate research and consulting, where he has held international leadership roles within IBM, Mercer and HayGroup. In 2013, Pete volunteered as a DIDs group facilitator. With a passion for suicide prevention, he has since made PBB his main occupation and retains a handful of ASX100 consulting clients on the side. Pete’s roles within PBB include two terms on the board (2014-17) and two terms as CEO (2017-20 and again 2023 onwards). More recently, since February Pete has also joined the board of directors of Kintsugi Heroes. As a separated dad, he has over 23 years experience of parental separation including as a McKenzie Friend. Pete's greatest driver is that of ensuring that every mum and dad stays alive and in their kids lives.