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Parents Beyond Breakup is a charity that supports parents experiencing trauma related to family breakdown and separation. Separation from their former partner and from their children; a factor closely linked to suicide in Australia.
Every child deserves the best start in life and that is why we work so hard to keep separated parents alive and in their children’s lives. 

Parents Beyond Breakup not only supports parents experiencing trauma through family breakdown and separation but also acknowledges the specific issues of parent-child contact and ‘parental alienation’, factors closely linked to stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and suicide in Australia.

Every child deserves to have a relationship with both of their parents ….


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As an organization that supports non- custodial parents experiencing trauma, we understand how hard it is to go through a divorce, particularly when your children are a part of it. While you may have survived the divorce on your own, you are certainly left with a lot of emotions and questions. And the tension of the situation is likely to take a toll on your mental health. In situations like these, it’s natural to want help and support, and it’s actually there!


And advice and connect them to support groups in their areas, or online if that is what you prefer. After all, we are parents, helping parents to keep them alive, and in their kid’s lives. We understand that sometimes it can be hard for parents to talk about their hardships, and particularly their emotions.

While you may not wish to see a professional healthcare worker, you can always join a support group of like-minded parents going through similar situations. In our peer-support groups you will find other parents going through exactly the same situation. It not only enables you to blow off some steam but also receive some valuable advice
from people who’ve “been there”, thus making your life a bit easier.

At Parents Beyond Breakup, we strive to keep separated parents happy because we believe
alienated parents encounter challenges, including
– stress, depression, loneliness, hopelessness and helplessness that ultimately makes you reach
the edge of your emotional tether.

Therefore, we offer a valuable platform for mutual support and a community that is connected through shared Lived Experience of similar pain and grief…

These communities such as peer support groups help parents in distress by providing them with the right opportunity for critical reflection. Also help them to strengthen their bonds with their children and level up their competence and confidence in the ability to parent better! Your children deserve the best parents in their life and that is exactly why Parents Beyond Breakup exists: to keep parents safe and in their children’s lives.

certificates and awards

PBB Awarded Suicide Prevention Australia LiFE Award

Parents Beyond Breakup (PBB) has been awarded Suicide Prevention Australia’s NSW LiFE Award for Excellence in Suicide Prevention for Priority Populations, recognising the organisation’s leadership in saving more men from suicide.

2020 Mens Health Awards National Winner

Best support response to COVID19. Win based on fast shift to a safe online support model when in-person groups were suspended due to pandemic restrictions. Two services launched were online support meetings (details at MIDs and DIDs) and the Virtual Veranda online forum.

PBB is a registered charity, donations are tax deductible

Our focus is the prevention of suicide in separating parents. Our tagline is keeping parents alive, and in their kids’ lives

We are non-ideological, non-political, gender neutral and gender inclusive. We do not do ‘activism’.

We are often asked to provide policy makers high quality and unbiased factual information that they need to make better decisions about the areas in which we operate.

Parents Beyond Breakup pays its respects to the traditional custodians across the lands in which we work, and acknowledge their elders past, present, and future.

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